Hyperscaler software efficiency, for everybody

Prodfiler Project by Coletiv - Product Development Company


  • Product strategy
  • Product design
  • Software engineering


  • Discovery workshop
  • Wireframes (Figma prototype)
  • UI design (Figma prototype)
  • Web platform


  • Figma
  • React
  • FlameGraph


  • Monitoring
  • Profiling
🛠 Product

Software is eating the world

More and more companies have large-scale data processing at the heart of their business.

But engineers have few tools to map costs back to the code that causes them.

Prodfiler Project by Coletiv - Product Development Company
Prodfiler Project by Coletiv - Product Development Company

Saving money on cloud bills

Prodfiler is the world's first distributed continuous whole-system profiler.

It can tell exactly which lines of code are consuming CPU resources at any point in time.

Prodfiler Project by Coletiv - Previews of CPU consumption graphs

Empowering engineers to make their tech stack more efficient.

Prodfiler empowers qualified Engineers and DevOps teams allowing them to save money through better use of resources. Optimizing low-hanging fruit can often save up to 50%.

Prodfiler Project by Coletiv - Robust UX for a better use of resources

How Prodfiler saves cloud costs

Unprecedented visibility for engineers

Auto-compress cross-data center traffic

Intelligent compression choice for object storage

Profiling-guided optimization for everyone

🎨 Design

A robust analytics interface

Prodfiler's interface has a diverse color pallet, ranging from blue to yellow, allowing it to tackle every aspect of a detailed analytics graph system.

Across the interface, you can see eye-catching illustrations with an abstract style representing snippets of data. Like missing puzzles waiting to be put together.

In contrast, the iconography used is very diverse but clear.

Prodfiler Project by Coletiv - Robust UX with diverse color palette and iconography
🤝 Collaboration

One single team

Prodfiler, also known as Optimize.Cloud, gained investment from one of the leading venture capital firms in the world, Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), to lead its seed round and market launch.

We worked very closely with Prodfiler's team and its CEO, Thomas Dullien, who was a former engineer at Google. Because they were developers themselves, the collaboration felt as if we were one single team.

After the launch, Prodfiler and the company behind it, Optimize Cloud, were successfully acquired by Elastic.

Prodfiler Project by Coletiv - an Andreessen Horowitz investment
Prodfiler Project by Coletiv - Prodfiler acquired by Elastic to improve cloud efficiency

A sustainability challenge

Prodfiler measures the energy expenditure of a company's code, including which lines consume most of the CPU, Euros spent per function, and CO2 release.

The challenge was to design and develop a web-based dashboard to visualize all this data provided by the back-end team.

The UI delivered by Coletiv Studio satisfied all client requirements for the project and was delivered seamlessly both on time and on budget. Their team is communicative and creative, providing suggestions on how to make the product better and tracking progress methodically.

Thomas Dullien

Co-Founder / CEO of Optimyze Cloud


Knowledge sharing social media platform

Help users connect and meet to share life experiences, interesting areas or just to exchange ideas. Be part of a community and expand your perception of the world through people.

Seya Project by Coletiv - Digital Product Studio
Seya Project by Coletiv - Digital Product Studio