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Giddy Project by Coletiv - Product Development Company


  • Product strategy
  • Product design
  • Software engineering


  • Discovery workshop
  • Wireframes (Figma prototype)
  • UI design (Figma prototype)
  • Mobile application
  • API & Backend


  • Figma
  • Flutter
  • Elixir
  • GraphQL


  • Project management
  • Quality assurance
  • Team happiness
🔍 Problem

A process for us and other software houses

Like most software companies we have many ongoing projects spread through different teams.

And, as the company grew, we felt an invisible space being created between each team.

We needed a place where we could highlight our great achievements and expose our problems and concerns.

Coletiv team on Giddy project
Coletiv team on Giddy project

Staying focused while doing what we love

We started having project sync meetings where our team could freely talk about how the projects were going.

But soon it became really hard to comprise everything in a 1-hour meeting.

Time to get digital

We decided to create four metrics to evaluate the projects: Team Mood, Client Mood, Project Management, and Quality. Team members could vote between 1 to 5 in each metric.

This was initially a whiteboard process that later became a digital product with its own identity: Giddy.

Giddy project by Coletiv - Project performance tool for software companies
🖌 Brand

Giddy, more than a goat!

When thinking about a name for this project, we immediately thought of a goat.

Goats are agile and very good at climbing hills, overcoming several challenges in their way.

Giddy means climbing and reaching the summit with a great performance.

So vivid colors and straight lines felt perfect for Giddy's graphic image and to represent its values.

Giddy logo by Coletiv
Giddy logo by Coletiv
Giddy brand colors and typography by Coletiv
🎨 Design

A super goat

When designing components for the Giddy interface, we knew we wanted to combine minimalist clean lines with little pops of color, to keep it interesting for our users.

This is reflected in a bright and diverse color pallet along with eye-catching elements such as illustrations and vibrant graphs, which can be found across the interface.

Giddy Project by Coletiv - Project performance tool for software houses
🎨 Product

Manage your projects

As your company grows, Giddy will help you keep track of all your ongoing projects, providing an overview of each team's progress and identifying the overall project performance.

Giddy Project by Coletiv  - Manage your team
Giddy Project by Coletiv  - All votes count

Give a voice to your team

The more projects you have, the more issues you will need to tackle. Give your team a place to provide feedback, voice their concerns, and raise awareness.

Keep both your clients and team happy.

Try Giddy today!

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Giddy Project by Coletiv - Project performance tool for software houses
Giddy helped bring visibility and awareness to high-level issues within the projects. We love it! And we will keep shaping it to our way of working and internal culture.

André Silva

CEO @ Coletiv


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Prodfiler Project by Coletiv - Digital Product Studio
Prodfiler Project by Coletiv - Digital Product Studio