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How much trash is there on your beach?

The necessity for statistical data about marine litter allied to a need to raise awareness of a common problem brought this community app to life.


Lixo Marinho

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An Honorable Cause

The seaside is a relaxing place to visit, and we want to keep it that way. However, there's a lot of littering taking place, and keeping the beaches clean is up to volunteers. As such, a team of researchers from the University of Coimbra asked us to help them make a simple application with which beach cleaning volunteers could track their garbage collection sessions, incentivizing people to do this task, and gathering relevant statistics for future studies. At the same time, there is the need to raise awareness to just how much trash there is, which this app should also help with.

For this project, our team used Elixir and Phoenix technology to do the Backend development. The web application was built using ReactJS and the Android app uses Kotlin.

The Solution

How We Helped Lixo Marinho Clean The Beach

We were approached with a simple request: to be able to make a user-centered app, with which volunteers could easily start a "garbage collection" session and tag certain items as they were picking them up.

We worked with the Lixo Marinho product owner/researcher, Filipa Bessa, to define how to aggregate the trash items into categories, and to distinguish between different kind of garbage collections, "scientific (by researchers)", or "normal (by normal volunteers)".

Additionally, and in order to build something that could "raise awareness", we suggested a map where you can see the national-wide collections of trash.

Mobile View - Lixo Marinho - Coletiv Studio

The Product

What We Delivered

For the backend, we decided to structure it completely on top of AWS services since they are the most useful for dynamic and growing projects. This services were also accompanied by a web application and a mobile application on the Google Play Store.

Save Trash collection sessions, with GPS Location.

Personal trash collection statistics, from past collections.

Interactive map with "pins" of the collection sessions, detailing how much of each trash item was collected in a specific location.

Login (with Facebook option) and a small user profile w/ profile picture upload.

Desktop and Mobile view - Lixo Marinho - Coletiv Studio
Some of the assets made - Lixo Marinho - Coletiv Studio

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Final Result

Simplicity At Its Core

The final result is a simple, beautiful and user-centered application, which is easy to use by anyone of any age. The app has a minimalistic look, and allows you to start tracking your trash collection sessions with just a couple of clicks.


The Feedback

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

“The team was professional and met every deadline. The implementation was efficient and smooth. Coletiv Studio was a communicative and timely partner as well.”

Filipa Bessa

Senior Researcher - MARE

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