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Giddy is aimed at service providers that want to measure the quality of their work and identify the problems that prevent the company from reaching a higher quality of service.

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The Story

Here at Coletiv, we think that excellence is not a destination, it is a continuous journey that never ends. In order to ensure that we are on the right path, we consistently evaluate the projects we are working on.

To facilitate this evaluation, we decided to create a system that would allow each member to vote on different aspects of their projects, and the team to see what aspects improved or deteriorated compared to other months.

What started as a group problem, post-its, pen and paper turned into a necessity to access the results and project’s evaluation anytime and, so, a full-fledged, well designed, and easy to use mobile app developed using Elixir/Phoenix and Flutter appeared.

The Process

The Product Creation

It's important to understand who you're building an application for and Giddy is no different; that's why we ended up defining two user types that will find Giddy useful.

We also took a close look at what might be the user journey since that facilitates understanding of what might be the product requirements.

Personas Creation - Giddy - Coletiv Studio

The Process

Design Process

A good foundation means a good project and that's why we took special care in the Design Process of Giddy. We chose to start with Medium Level Wireframes since they are perfect for visual representation while allowing us, at the same time, to test some visual features that might help essential functionalities.

From there we step over to Look & Feel where we did our best to showcase all our design elements as well as their behaviour and dynamism. During this phase, we also did extensive tests to ensure that the user's familiarization with the app was quick and painless.

Wireframes - Giddy - Coletiv Studio

The Process

The Final Design

For the final design we then picked everything from the two phases of Design Process and re-evaluated it along with the feedback provided from tests. From there we fine-tuned the entire design, in accordance with the feedback our developers gave so that this beautiful design, could be implemented with the highest fidelity.

The Process

Development Process

The entire Giddy process ended up being a bit different from what you might be used to see since we built its functionality right when we felt the need for it: our backend developers had already built a service that would allow our team members to vote via GraphQL queries into an Elixir/Phoenix backend.

Since the main functionality (allowing the team members to vote) was already implemented, we needed a good frontend that could transpire everything that was made during the Design Process. For that, we chose Flutter, Google's toolkit that allows us to build applications for mobile, web, and desktop with a single codebase.

Automatically scheduled email and push notification reminders to vote, so that team members never miss to give their feedback.

Stunning birds-eye view of the overall quality, process, team, and client mood of your projects.

Team and project management right from your iPhone or Android device.

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The Outcome

Giddy Up!

Most of the software and even literature regarding the measurement of the service quality only takes into account the customer point of view and satisfaction. We don't think this is wrong, we simply think that Giddy provides a more holistic view that can help service providers achieve greater results in the long term.

Giddy represents the first product by Coletiv for Coletiv and we couldn't be happier about its end result. While, at the start, it represented a somewhat hard-to-understand but useful tool, now it's a visually appealing and easy to use application.

Mobile Screens - Giddy - Coletiv Studio

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