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Learning product requirements

To better understand the scope of the product our development team must learn the functional and non-functional requirements, including the design and interactions.

For that reason, the first step is to organize a team meeting with all the stakeholders involved, including the Product Manager.

This phase is essential for our team to make informed architecture decisions.

Software Engineering Services - Understand the product

Choosing the right technology

The undeniable importance of choosing the right Tech-Stack is a consequence of the findings taken from understanding the product.

As such, we don't force a technology just because we're familiar with it. When a technology we master isn't right for a product, either we adapt or we don't do it at all.

A technology stack is a crucial part of developing any piece of software.

Software Engineering Services - Technology Stack
Software Engineering Services - Technology Stack

Delivering high-quality code

Our developers follow a Git Flow process which makes collaborative and scalable coding more manageable and quality-driven.

Essentially it consists of isolating new code from live code. With this, the new code will only be eligible for production once it gets past a series of automatic and manual tests.

Software Engineering Services - Product Development

See how our developers are contributing to the community

We are actively contributing to the dev community by sharing our knowledge and experiences.

Check our GitHub Go to section

Identifying and fixing issues

To make sure your product is up and running, we often execute tests of the interface or part of it, to find issues.

Testing is an iterative process as when one issue is fixed, it can reveal other hidden ones or even create new ones.

Obtaining insights about the code's quality is key.

Another layer of verification

After the testing phase, there's still an extra layer of verification. We never let any piece of our code be considered Done and sent to Live, before being manually tested by humans.

Either other Developers, the Design team or hand-picked users are responsible for meticulously testing the product for Quality Assurance.

Nothing beats good old manual tests.

Software Engineering Services - Quality Assurance
Software Engineering Services - Quality Assurance

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