Getting your idea from paper to strategy

We'll get to the heart of your idea and find out its value.

In the product strategy phase, we'll research your market, identify the problem, brainstorm the solution, validate it and plan for execution.

Although the high-level process is well defined, it's the continuous interaction with the team that brings the best of your idea into the final product.

Product Strategy Services by Coletiv Studio

Design Sprint

When the idea is still pretty much a concept and requires a better understanding and definition to become a solution, we need to validate it with potential users and people who understand the industry.

And for that, we conduct a Design Sprint allowing us to think of a competitive solution and validate it. It's fast, effective, and it helps to build trust in the solution throughout the project.

Product Strategy Services: Design Sprint | Coletiv Studio
Product Strategy Services: Design Sprint | Coletiv Studio

5 days, heads on with the team.

From Monday to Friday, we'll be hands-on brainstorming ideas, sketching solutions, creating a prototype, and validating it with potential users in your niche.

It can be a bit intense, but it allows us to have a better vision of the solution when delineating the strategy in the discovery workshop.



Make a map & choose a target


Sketch competing solutions


Decide on the best


Build a realistic prototype


Test with target customers


Discovery Workshop

To craft successful products, we need to understand who we are building for, and what is the value we want to deliver.

And the best way to do that is by getting together with our clients in an extensive discovery workshop to define the target audience, map the user journeys and plan the MVP.

Product Strategy Services: Discovery Workshop | Coletiv Studio

Defining a strategy

The discovery workshop allows us to define a strategy and a proper roadmap to bring your product into the market.

This includes, not only researching and defining high-level goals but also give shape to how your MVP will look like.

Product Strategy Services: Wireframing | Coletiv Studio
Product Strategy Services: Wireframing | Coletiv Studio

All great products

start with strategic thinking

What you can expect from the workshop:

Value proposition
Target audience
User journeys
User story mapping
MVP requirements
I believe the Discovery Workshop was essential to understand how Coletiv works and define the project with more detail and try to find possible challenges that we haven't had yet identified. It was an extensive week, but I consider that the project and its development become a lot richer with the effort we made during that time.

Francisco Sousa Otto

Co-Founder @ Hestia

Moving over to product design

Once we get the strategy aligned, it's time to start crafting the look and feel of your product and bring it to life.

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