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Outlining the product's flow

We develop Low-fi wireframes early to outline the application flow before adding any visual design and content.

Wireframes allow us to get approval on the key features, information hierarchy, and overall navigation, giving confidence in moving forward.

Through wireframes, we explore possible approaches by playing with different flows without significant compromise.

Product Design Services - Wireframes

Checking in on requirements

After completing the wireframes, we are able to evaluate important aspects of the project together with our clients.

Study different approaches and identify usability issues

Define the app's information hierarchy

Validate and iterate the entire product flow

Outline all the design and development requirements

Defining a visual direction

The main goal in this phase is to define the visual direction of the interface. The process consists of selecting a few main screens and working on top of it, following brand guidelines until we achieve the desired look and feel for the application.

Product Design Services - Look & feel

Due to its creative nature, this process is usually very iterative, and we often collaborate with our clients for quick feedback.

Designing every detail

Then, we proceed with assembling and designing all screens, for desktop or for any responsive version. Addressing every interaction, every illustration, and every icon.

From error to success messages, loading to confirmation states, branding, every detail counts to achieve a well-crafted final product.

This is usually the longest phase in our design process. The level of detail we put into every element of the Interface gets reflected in the consistent quality we aim to achieve.

Organizing and structuring

The last phase in our process is creating a Design System. It's about organizing and structuring all components used in the UI and its style guide to hand over to the developers. In the end, it helps ensure a high-quality delivery to our clients.

Above everything else, we focus on solving real user problems through engaging and unique experiences. We want people to use our products and say "wow, this is really cool".

Product Design Services - Design System
Product Design Services - Design System

Moving over to development

After getting validation on the app's final design and flow, we hand over all design assets to the development team.

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