We build successful products that people use and love

Our iOS and Android app development teams are focused on delivering 100% native products, following a structured and test-driven process.

Precise Process

Crafting Products

Coletiv digs into all the aspects of product creation from ideation to launch, dealing not only with abstract tasks such as design & development but also the nitty-gritty details like copy & content. Only by owning the full development cycle can you create the next big hit.






Nothing beats the experience of a well crafted native app

Mobile App Development

Android & iOS

To achieve the best user experience, Coletiv has a fully dedicated team to develop 100% native apps, using Apple & Android tools and frameworks. Without compromising quality or consistency, Coletiv can test and adopt new technologies even before they are available to the general public.

Coletiv - iOS and Android app development servicesColetiv - iOS and Android app development services

Backend Development

Elixir & Phoenix

After experimenting with different frameworks for backend development, Coletiv developers fell in love with the beautiful syntax and productive tooling of Elixir. Great for building fault-tolerant systems, Elixir is not only fast, but also gives the team a productivity boost.

Mesh Network

We’re part of a family

Comprised by Significa, Coletiv and Adamant our family can act as a single team in different digital markets without ever losing the quality and specialization in their respective fields.

By Significa

Product Design

Significa’s product design displays a great concern not only for the aesthetic but also for the functional perspective of things. Putting users above art, they deliver pragmatism coated in beautiful pixels.

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By Adamant

Cyber Security

Adamant’s certified experts provide services in the area of cyber security, helping you focusing on your business while keeping your systems secure.

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