Team players.

This is Coletiv.

Our story

Our digital product studio started back in 2017 with four members in our team and a strong vision: 'To help entrepreneurs build and launch unique digital products providing the right collaboration and expertise.'

Since its founding, we've always used recent technologies and methodologies and stayed up-to-date with the best industry options. We work hard to stand out in this field, with well-defined processes that our team collaboratively built.

At Coletiv, we aim to create an environment that is remote-friendly, flexible, inclusive, collaborative, and open. There is just no better way to work!

Life at the office - About Coletiv Studio

Our values

Of course, we want creative, intelligent, and fast-working talents but these inter-relational values are the most important for our team.


We can be the most clever in the room, but if we cannot communicate with each other, we won’t be able to deliver great products!


We can be the most respected company doing X, but if we are not honest with our teammates through constructive feedback, our team can’t evolve!


We can be the fastest in finishing our projects, but if we do not know how to ask for help or acknowledge when we are wrong, we will not get along with other teams!

Get to know us

Our team is the perfect reflection of our vision.

We are proud to have a team that is never satisfied and is eager to learn more every day.

New technologies. New ways to solve things. New ways to collaborate. You name it.

Yearly Retreat - Coletiv Studio

Working at Coletiv

At Coletiv we value teamwork and collaboration, and none of that is possible without a good work environment.

By working together in a fun and peaceful environment, naturally, team members become friends.

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Antonio and Francisco during a team building at Coletiv Studio
Nuno during a team building at Coletiv Studio

Our life at the office

  • 💭 Brainstorms
  • 🥐 Snacks & Drinks
  • 📚 Games & Books
  • 💻 Online Courses
  • 😂 Memes & Random Videos
  • 🔫 Team Activities

Other cool perks

  • 🕐 Flexible hours & remote-friendly
  • 🏥 Health insurance plan
  • 💪 Investment time every Friday afternoon
  • Open Hour every week
  • 🐐 Giddy day to evaluate your projects
  • 🤝 1-2-1 to talk about your career plan
  • 🏡 Annual company retreat

Collaborating with clients

We promote a very interactive collaboration with our clients. Having transparent and straightforward communication about how the project is going is essential to our way of working.

But we are not a services agency. We have experience creating applications from scratch, and we'll take your product from ideation to market.

You might end up making a friend or two after working with us.

Collaborating with clients - About Coletiv Studio

We partner with entrepreneurs around the world to create unique top-quality digital products.

  • Switzerland
  • Hong Kong
  • Spain
  • Portugal
  • United Kingdom
  • United States
  • Israel
We partner with clients around the world - About Coletiv Studio

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